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The cafeteria is open at lunch.  A nutritional and balanced selection of goods is prepared and served by students in the Culinary Arts Program. 

Students using the cafeteria are asked to return dishes to the kitchen and to see that all garbage is properly disposed of. 

Please use the recycling bins provided.

Medical Room

The medical room is available for triage only (emergency first aid treatment).   The school encourages all students who are ill to remain at home.  In the event a student becomes ill at school, they should report to the office. Contact will then be made with the parent or emergency contact and arrangements made to have the student go home. 

 For the safety and well being of all students, we stress the importance of updating all contacts (emergency or other) with the staff at the school.


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Opening Day Procedures 2014/2015 - First Day of School, September 2nd

Opening day this year will have a different format from previous years:

Students in grades 9 & 10 need to be here at 10:00a.m.
We start the day with a grade 9 & 10 assembly in the main gym beginning at 10:00a.m. followed by a homeroom for grades 8, 9, & 10 at 10:30a.m. During the homeroom, students will be given their timetables and planners. They will also be assigned lockers upon payment of student fees

Students in grade 8 need to be here at 10:30a.m.
They will have already had their assembly on August 28th and will have the opportunity in homeroom in the coming days to continue to pay fees, receive locker assignments and planners.

Students in grades 11 & 12 need to be here at 11:00a.m.
Grade 11 & 12 students will have an assembly in the main gym beginning at 11:00a.m. followed by a homeroom. During the homeroom, students will be given their timetables and planners. They will also be assigned lockers upon payment of student fees.

All students will be dismissed for the day following their respective homerooms.

Regular classes will begin on Wednesday, September 3rd with a Day 3 schedule.

An alphabetical list of students and their corresponding homerooms will be posted towards the end of the last week of August in the main entrance as homerooms may have changed. All grade 9 students will all have new homerooms.Incoming grade 8 students will have to check the lists as well so they know where to go.

All students new to MRSS are encouraged to come into the school during the last couple days of August to collect their timetable and take some time to orient themselves with the building and their classrooms. Please note the school office will reopen on Wednesday, August 27. 


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Grade 8 Orientation Morning, Thursday, August 28, 2014 from 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Although students will be just finishing off their summer break on this date, we are asking our incoming grade 8 students to attend this event.

We have planned this morning event specially with our new grade 8 students in mind. We start the morning with an assembly in the main gymnasium. Following the assembly we will meet in homeroom groups where students will be assigned lockers, have their student photo taken, pay student fees, purchase locks (if required) and participate in orientation activities to help familiarize them with the school.

Students will be given their timetable toward the end of the morning and are welcome and encouraged to spend some time finding their classrooms once we are done.  We will finish up the morning with a hot dog barbeque at 11:30 a.m.

Things to consider:
Plan to arrive around 9:45 a.m. and make your way to our main gym
Dress comfortably but appropriately for school
Make transportation arrangements in advance

Locks and Lockers:
All students will be assigned a locker of their own – you don’t need to share. New this year – there is a $3 lock rental fee. We provide the lock for your locker that way you never have to worry about if you have a lock; your items will be secure. You will need a second lock to secure your items in a PE locker while in PE class. You can provide your own lock or you can purchase a combination lock from us for $5.

A little information about student photos on this day:
We will be taking student photos on this day and will send home a photo order envelope with students after they have had their photo take. Students need to bring it back the first week of school if they wish to order their photo. Should your student miss this photo opportunity, they will be able to have their photo taken on our main photo day in September.

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School Fees

We encourage parents to use the Parent Portal system for fee payment, however, payment can be made in person with cash or cheque (made payable to MRSS).

Student fees are $28 per student (we no longer offer a family rate for student fees).

Students in grades9 & 10 as well as senior students taking PE require a second lock to secure your personal items in the PE lockers during your class. You can provide your own lock or you can purchase a combination lock from us for $5.

New this year for grade 8 students only – there is a $3 lock rental fee. We provide the lock for your locker that way you never have to worry about if you have a lock; your items will be secure. You will need a second lock to secure your items in a PE locker while in PE class. You can provide your own lock or you can purchase a combination lock from us for $5.

Yearbooks are optional. We will be taking orders later in the Fall.


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School Supplies

We do not put out a school supply list for students.  The essentials such as a binder without a zipper, lined paper, subject dividers, pencils, ruler, pens, highlighters and a scientific calculator are staples of school life and can be re-used from previous years or purchased new. We do have a few recommendations listed below.

Because organization is a key to success, we recommend that you place all of your academic subjects into one 2 inch binder that has no zipper. Using one binder means work is never forgotten at home. We also recommend bringing 5 legal size file folders. As units are completed teachers will have students store work in the file folder so that it is not lost when studying for final exams.

Students taking Pre-Calculus 11, 12 or Foundations of Math 11 or 12 require a graphing calculator.  You can purchase your own or rent one from the school for the year.  We strongly recommend the Texas Instrument T1-83. The rental for a full school year is $40 and we require a post-dated cheque for a damage deposit of $80 as well. Your cheque for the damage deposit will be returned to you at the end of the school year when the calculator is returned in good working order. 

Students are encouraged to use technology. If you own a laptop, ipad, etc. you are welcome to bring these items to class. The school is wireless so you should be able to use your equipment anywhere in the school. Security is an issue however so do not share your locker or locker combination with anyone. The school assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Finally, you will need two locks - one for your regular locker and one for when you have PE.  You absolutely need to make sure to store your items securely during PE in one of the mini lockers in the PE changerooms.  It is required that you change for PE and everything needs to be locked up otherwise items may be stolen. You can bring your locks or buy them from the school if you choose. We sell them for $5 each.


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Allergy Awareness

Maple Ridge Secondary School is an Allergy Aware school. We have students with all kinds of allergies including oranges, latex, shellfish, nuts and eggs just to name a few. We have allergy awareness posters and stickers throughout the school to remind staff and students to be aware of their friends and fellow members of our school community. By the time students come to secondary school they are usually very aware of their allergies and are strong advocates for their health, however, it doesn't hurt to remind everyone not to share food and to report someone having a reaction (even if you're not sure) immediately. Your quick action could save a life.

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The staff at MRSS does its best to keep you abreast of current and upcoming events. We produce monthly newsletters and Graduation newsletters, the electronic sign board outside, TV's in the hallways, as well as using out automated "call out" software and email to contact parents with important information from time to time.

We are increasingly using email as a communication tool. Parents are sent newsletters and other publications electronically via email as well as messages with upcoming dates to note. Paper copies of newsletters will be available from the office for those people who do not have access to the internet or just for quick reference. Parents are encouraged to view our website to view daily activites on the "Today at Ridge" tab as well as to search other pages for information.

If you have yet to give us your email address, or if you have changes, please contact the school office so we can update our records.


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ButtonCheck out our MRSS Library Web page, click here

Our library’s extensive collection of nonfiction books and novels are available for circulation for two-week periods throughout the school year.  As an added convenience, all library resources can be viewed through our online database at http://mrsslibrary.sd42.ca

MRSS students visiting the library have access to a variety of services and information:  technology (computers for web based internet research or word processing of assignments, a photocopier, a laser printer); reference collection (Encyclopedias, vertical files, dictionaries, atlases, etc.); reading material (French/English magazines and all genres of novels). 

Please feel free to ask The Teacher Librarian for help with your information research or in finding a good book to read! 

The school library opens the second week of school.

Cyber Pamphlet for Parents

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